20th February 2018

Boys use more slang than girls

Girls are generally more intelligent than boy in my perspective. From the conversations i have had with my fellow girl classmates i have found that the language they choose to use on a day to day basis is more thought out and has more meaning, creating the need to use full words instead of slang to get their points across. On the other hand the language boys choose to use usually doesn’t have as much more meaning behind the words. boys use more slang than girls in the class. For example i recently had a conversation with hugo, the slang he used was ( yeah, sup, bro, nah, sick ) and then i had a conversation with a fellow

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  1. If your hypothesis is true (and I’m not disputing it), what I’m fascinated to know is WHY you think this is the case?

  2. This is a good introduction to an essay. What is needed now is analysis to go with these ideas. What you should do is go to your transcript and find elements from that transcript that prove the point you’re trying to make.

    You definitely should go ahead and do this, and ask me if you need help.

  3. Fair enough


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