“Describe at least one idea that changed your perspective or point of view in the film The first minute into the film was SO boring and i thought WTF has MR W gotten me into but 10 minutes into the film i started to under stand how someones ambition can make them do anything. for […]

 long shot car    high angle  mid shot of Vincent   low angle mid shot Eugene     level angle mid shot Vincent    low angle mid shot Eugene  level angle mid shot Vincent    low angle close up Eugene    level angle mid shot Vincent   low angle long shot  Eugene  steers     low angle  mid shot    high […]

NO NO NO, it’s too soon. Come back you have left me too soon, how could you, how could you leave me, leave me here all alone, you are my better half, well, you were? You blew out your own candle and now-now I’m inhaling your smoke, I can’t breathe, choke yourself you’re choking me, […]

Intro Paragraph one: Metaphors 1: My way of life is fall’n into the sere, the yellow leaf 2: Out, out, brief candle! Paragraph two: Pentameter 1: Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow 2: life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player Paragraph three: hallucinations In act 3 scene 4: macbeth is sitting at table with his […]

Scene 6: the army arrived at macbeth’s castle Scene 7: Macbeth realises he cannot run away ne has to stand up and fight. “they have tied me to a stake. I cannot fly. But bearlike i must fight the course – macbeth (in shakespeare’s time, bears were tied to stakes and attacked by bags for […]

The three witches appear once again, giving macbeth an incite into  the future, the first apparition for the first witch was, “Macbeth Macbeth Macbeth beware of Macduff”. The second apparition from the second witch was,  “Macbeth Macbeth Macbeth”. The last apparition from the threed witch was ” Macbeth shall never vanquished be, until great birnam […]

The guards where covered in blood with daggers in there hands. macbeth gos to kill them before they wake up.

Macbeth murdered king duncan and lady macbeth had already drugged the king’s bodyguards and put the dagger ready for macbeth to use on king duncan to kill him. later in the scene macbeth kills the king and immediately regrets it and starts feeling gilt, he said something about god and praying, i think the reason […]

Overview: this scene was quite interesting, When macbeth was on stage by hisself he had a vision/ episode seeing a floating dagger hanging above, also he heard bells and the rocks where keeping silent and keeping his secret  

This metaphor in my words is describing the night as a thick liquid like substance. The way shakespeare uses metaphors throwout his plays created hidden meaning and more purpose for each word he wrote. He uses many different metaphors throwout the play macbeth but one of the metaphors i chose from (Act One scene Five) […]