13th August 2018

  1.  long shot car    high angle 
  2. mid shot of Vincent   low angle
  3. mid shot Eugene     level angle
  4. mid shot Vincent    low angle
  5. mid shot Eugene  level angle
  6. mid shot Vincent    low angle
  7. close up Eugene    level angle
  8. mid shot Vincent   low angle
  9. long shot  Eugene  steers     low angle
  10.  mid shot    high angle 
  11.  long shot     low angle
  12. long shot car      low angle
  13. long Vincen         high angle 
  14. long shot Eugene         bird’s eye view 
  15. 2 shot girl and cop      
  16. close up hand       level angle
  17. close up feet        level angle
  18. long shot on the car      level angle
  19. long shot on steers          
  20. long shot car 
  21. close up hand
  22. close up steers/ point of view shot 
  23. long shot car          level angle 
  24. long shot steers      
  25. long shot car park with girl and cop 
  26. long shot steers and Eugene
  27. close up eyes Eugene
  28. 2 shot with girl and cop
  29. mid shot top of steers and Eugene
  30. 2 shot with girl and cop
  31. close up 
  32. 2 shot with girl and cop
  33. close up 
  34. long shot Eugene
  35. 2 shot with girl and cop
  36. long shot Eugene
  37. mid/ long Eugene
  38. long shot/ over the solder of Eugene
  39. mid shot/ hello sweetheart 
  40. mid shot/ wheres my kiss
  41. close up Eugene
  42. close up/ good to see your feeling better 
  43. long shot/ telescope 
  44. 2 shot with girl and Eugene
  45. close up of cop 
  46. 2 shot with girl and Eugene
  47. long shot
  48. close up/ girl 
  49. close up Eugene
  50. close up/ girl
  51. arm vans close up 
  52. mid shot of the cop 

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