18th August 2017

No body…

It’s so dark, so cold, I’m so lonely. The only sound was the whisper of screaming children crying for their parents, when ever I tried to get closer they would just get further away from me. I stand up and I start wondering around trying to find anything that would help me find out where I could be, suddenly I stumble across something as rough as sandpaper,         GRANDMA ” deer is that you” LUCA “grandma I thought you where dead”?. She Instantly starts yelling             GRANDMA “HELP “THE END IS NEAR” LUCA “what are you talking about!” GRANDMA honey you’re in hell.           LUCA “What” GRANDMA “you heard me right and I’m satan!” Gasp I wake up drowning in sweat and tears, I’ve got this awful feeling in my stomach, is my grandma ok? I run out of bed screaming at my mum asking if grandma was ok. What a horrible dream, I’ve never been in a place so pitch black, so quite so dark there was No lights, No people, just darkness. It was like I lost the ability to connect with all my senses. No noise, No taste, No smell, I wasn’t able to see. It was like I was a small piece of dust, drifting slowly at the bottom of the ocean. It felt like I had no purpose, no meaning in the world.

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  1. nice job


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