A girls conversation: Emma: ok ok hold on Cece: im done now should i come to u? i still have $6 Emma: go buy food if you want Emma: cause im still a while Cece: ok Cece: im also gonna go to lake i think after u get food and see if anyone is there […]

luca: hey mum mum: hi luca, are u ok luca: yeah (colloquialism) im fine, how are u mum: all good, just did my dance class and at lodge about to clean xx luca: oh,(verbul filler) thats awesome! what are we having for dinner, do you want me to make spring rolls mum: lets go to the […]

yeah, oh thanks for answering gesa you no what i mean, give me that, where you been fool, making us rince out our credit leaving messages and that, mr dawes is well on the war path with you brove yeah, cause of the bag and that, what bag because you missed a lesson you chief, […]