Romeo and Juliet is a story about “two star crossed lovers” who fell in love through fate and coincidence, their love was forbidden because their families held an ancient grudge against each other, but their love was so strong nothing could break them apart, their love story was destined to end badly from the […]

Romeo receives a letter from an unknown person he has a bad feeling about is. its a letter telling him that juliet is dead.

The nurse walks in the next morning after Juliet has taken the drug that would make her look and act dead for 40 hours. the nurse walks in and finds Juliet not waking nor moving she tries to wake her but she doesn’t move. The nurse comes to a realization that Juliet is dead. The […]

Juliet apologizes to her father and she agrees to marry paris but what Juliet father doest no is that she is going to fake her own death using the poison that friar lawrence made.

Juliet is threatening to kill herself if she is forced to marry Paris. After Juliet talks to her father she goes to talk to Friar Lawrence, he tells her about this potion that you can take that makes you look and act dead so she can be with Romeo once again.

Juliet went around asking everyone what she should do. should she wait for romeo to sneak back into verona. but everyone said she should marry paris because he was wealthy and good looking, but she didn’t want to marry him, she is in love with romeo and she said to her mother that she will […]